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A Love Story

A puppets musical performance, for all ages, on traditional Romanian folk music.

Short Presentation of the Show:
Using some folk, biblical myths, we created a story with Prince Charming and the Princess Beauty, a Dragon and more other episodic characters and in their actions we can find a common base: the fairy tale; yet a fairy tale viewed from a little different point of view, from another perspective, where the so-called bad characters have their good parts, they have soul, they even love. A love story in a speechless world, that has a happy end, of course, and in the same time it appeal, from somewhere behind the playing and the alert action, to a short thinking / mirroring on the human existence, on the love seen through the eyes of the good and the bad.
Our purpose is to make a more closeness between the scene and television animation, wishing to attract more people from the front of the TV screen to the theatre scene.

Duration: 50 minutes;
without words

This show is available in two versions:

  • The original version (black-light) – the show organizer needs to strictly assure  the requirements from the Technical File of the show;
  • A white light version – the show can be presented on any 5×5 M stage, professional or conventional halls.
Representations within festivals will only be performed in the original version.

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