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The Company was founded in April 2002, along with Synchret Theatre Association, from the initiative of four young actors, returned to Romania from a post-graduated stage of artistic practice within the International Marionette Institute of Prague.

The first appearance, A love story, was a confirmation of our capacity to create modern and professional animation shows, both the public and the critic reaction was positive. It followed a series of performances through which Synchret aimed to be imposed in Romanian and international cultural space as a company that promotes a specific art of animation theatre free from dogmas of traditional theatre, as a space of experimental theatre, of authentic modernity. Shows such as Perpetuum MobileThe CidMother with three daughters in law, White and Black or Cinderella, in partnership with cultural institutions such as the French Cultural Centre from Iași, „Jean Bart” Cultural Centre from Tulcea or the Theatre Department from the University of Arts from Iași, gave continuity to the theatrical concept promoted by Synchret and imposed the „Synchret style”, as we intended from the beginnings, by addressing a syncretic performance type.

Since 2012, Synchret aims to further extend its activity, alongside modern animation shows that our audience and critics are used to, addressing the „event” type of show, addressed to mass/commercial audience. This new direction will be officially launched in mid-2013 and you can find information and details soon on this website.

So far, our company was present within some national and international festivals, as:

  • “Gulliver” National Festival from Galati, Romania, with A love story performance, October 2002
  • “Dance avec Villeneuve” International Festival from Villeneuve D’Ascq (Lille), France, with A love story performance, May-June 2003
  • “Avram Goldfaden” International Festival from Iasi, Romania, with Perpetuum Mobile - October 2003
  • International Festival from Budapest, Hungary, with A love story and Perpetuum Mobile - February 2004
  • Theatre Festival “Brocante a la Roumaine”, Craiova, with A love story (The Jurry Special Prize) – April 2005
  • “Maribur” International Festival from Stabio, Switzerland, with A love story - May 2006
  • European tour in Solingen and Wuppertal (Germany) and Pescara (Italy), in partnership with the University of Arts G. Enescu Iasi, Romania, part of the Cultural Project INTERART, with A love story – October 2008
  • International Festival of Mistelbach, Austria, with A love story - October 2008
  • International Festival of Klosterneuburg-Vienna, Austria,with A love story -April 2009
  • International Festival of Schools of Animation Theatre from Wroclaw, Poland (in partnership with University of Arts, Iaşi), with  A love story - April 2009


  • an european cultural project, in cooperation with Romanian and international institutions
  • 2 new performances within Synchret Company
  • inauguration of Events section within Synchret company